Friday, May 02, 2008

The Next Post

I missed posting yesterday because I never got to an Internet connection. Here is what I noticed around me.

I am always more worried about looking the Christian saint than doing what I want. Is this better or worse?

I love having deep and active conflict in relationships and organizations, it is a sign of health. It becomes toxic if civility and respect are missing. This goes along with the uniformity and united discussion.

The PC(USA) moderator Reverend Joan Gray preached tonight about the problems of waiting for enough or having the money in the bank before doing what God has planned for us. This suits me fine but good stewardship is also a consideration. She advocates a season of prayer and discernment to ensure good stewardship. If time is a constraint, can intensity serve for reaching good discernment? This works in business organizations when vision, which I stress as the most important thing, is seen as needed more than, or instead of, sound financial planning. Is this better or worse?

At the Nampa Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast yesterday I listened to the 150 kids singing in the Kiwanis RAD choir. I felt an empty place in my heart as l listened, missing all I missed of that in the past, but I only knew I had an empty place as I felt it fill with joy of what was happening in front of me. It was great. 

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